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Name: Miloh-ADOPTED 09.24.13
Rescue ID: D110347
Status: Adopted!
Adoption Fee: 250.00
Species: Dog
Breed: German Shepherd Dog / Labrador Retriever / Mixed (medium coat)
Learn more about the German Shepherd Dog.
Learn more about the Labrador Retriever.
Sex: Male (neutered)
General Potential Size: Large
Current Age: 4 Years 2 Months (best estimate)
Activity Level: Moderately Active
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Yes
Good with Kids: Yes
Housetrained: Yes

Hi! My name is Miloh. I was rescued in May 2011 from Mahoning County Dog Pound in Ohio. I am a very loyal boy, who loves everyone, including dogs and cats! I was adopted out and returned, due to behavior issues which my foster mom believes are for the most part under control. The vet has proscribed me Prozac, which has helped tremendously—along with training—to have a more stable personality. I need to go to a home where someone will have a lot of time to spend with me, and will not crate me. I also would prefer to have a dog friend or two (preferably a female dog.)  My foster mom believes that part of my behavior issues showed more when I was adopted out because the family did not have any dogs for me to play with. I am use to being around dogs, and I just LOVE to play!!! I need someone who will understand my behavior issues. I am NOT an aggressive dog, but I do NOT like to be forced anywhere by grabbing my collar (I mean—would you like someone to grab you by your shirt collar and pull you somewhere???) I am a counter surfer. I am believed to have some hound dog in me, so if I smell something tasty, I WANT TO EAT IT!! My foster mom has tried and tried to break me of this habit, which I have gotten better—but it’s too hard for me to control myself if you leave a fat, juicy steak where I can access it! I will need a home with an electric fence---the family that previously adopted me told on me about escaping, and chasing the mail lady….I am not mean, but the mail lady was afraid, and I got pepper-sprayed---NOT FUN!!!! I was just trying to say hi!

I am great with kids, but would prefer them to be over the age of 14 years old…because sometimes when I play and get excited, I jump up and down, and can’t control where I land. Whoever decides to adopt me, will be extremely lucky. I am be more on the high maintence side, but I promise you, I will be the most loyal dog, and love you forever!! I will ALWAYS act like I haven’t seen you for weeks, even if you’re only gone for a half hour. If you have any further questions about me, please contact my foster mom. I am ready for my FOREVER home.

Please contact me if you have any questions about Miloh. Because of all he has gone through, if you are interested in adopting him, I would like to have a couple meet and greets before the transition. He is a sensitive boy, and this is what would be best for him, and the family who takes him in.

Last Day Dog Rescue now microchips all dogs before adoption.  AVID Microchips are implanted between the dog's shoulder blades and are a permanent form of identification.  The microchips are registered to Last Day Dog Rescue with the adopter's info added once adopted.  If the dog is ever lost and slips his/her collar/tags the microchip allows the finder to know who to contact if scanned for a microchip.  Dogs MUST still have a collar with tags on at all times.  Per our contract, we take all our dogs back if for any reason you can't keep your adopted dog.


The system requires that we choose a predominant breed or breed mix for our dogs. Visual breed identification in dogs is unreliable so for most of the dogs we are only guessing at predominant breed or breed mix. We get to know each dog as an individual and will do our best to describe each of our dogs based on personality, not by breed label.


Photography by volunteer and animal advocate, Dee Maggio Photography
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Miloh-ADOPTED 09.24.13
Miloh-ADOPTED 09.24.13
Miloh-ADOPTED 09.24.13
Miloh-ADOPTED 09.24.13
Miloh-ADOPTED 09.24.13
Miloh-ADOPTED 09.24.13
Miloh-ADOPTED 09.24.13
Miloh-ADOPTED 09.24.13
Miloh-ADOPTED 09.24.13