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When I came to Last Day Dog Rescue, I was only a puppy and didn't have a lot of fur (someone told me I had something called mange???). But now I'm a little older, and I think my fur looks super pretty! I LOVE to play with toys, preferably the pink and squeaky ones. My favorite games to play are tug of war and fetch. You may have to wrestle the ball out of my mouth, but that's how you play the game, right? I also know some human words like sit, stay, shake, and lie down. I'm always up for a walk, but I'm still young and working on my manners. If another dog walks by, I might bark and try to pull at the leash. But I'm small, and my momma can usually pull me away.  Truth is, other dogs make me nervous and I'd love to be in a home all by myself.  When I am not on land, I LOVE to play in the water. I have been known to jump into the bathtub or the shower with my human friends! Although I really love to play with you, I love to snuggle with you just as much. I usually sit on my mommy's lap when she is watching that thing with the flashy screen. At night, I curl up into a little ball and sleep under the covers right next to her. And I sleep through the night without a sound! I'm usually super tired after playing all day... I am not a fan of other doggos, but I love all of my human friends. Since I play a lot, my momma says I might knock down the little humans, I play really well with older children! I think I would love to be in a house with lots of people to play with me and snuggle. I cannot wait to meet you, and hopefully become your forever friend!
Serafina requires a PRIVACY FENCE

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